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Active Players and PVP

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I'm not a PVP player but when i was PVP-ing in clan BG the whole experience was a complete disaster, in 6v6 you ether one-shot or get one shot there is no in-between and have to whale a lot or get carried in the first weeks until you get some PVP gear, 1v1 arena it's pretty much dead and i think you need to be lvl 50 to join arena? anyway, it is very unbalanced and play the newer classes or specks that are recently released. open world  PVP is none existant.

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It depends on what you consider PvP. 

Arena? You can count them on fingers. By taking out the russians, we have around 15 people that queue often enough to be considered active, and even that does not mean for a lot of time. In low ranks, you can find games pretty easily but even at average ranks, it takes a while.

Battlegrounds? Surprisingly enough, battlegrounds are way more active although in there you might encounter a lot of toxicity, on top of the fact that it's super gear dependent and even in low ranks, you can still spot people with decently high gear. 

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