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Suggestion: Please add lightning rod/death from below to SB simple mode for lightning sin

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So with the last patch, lightning sins got nerfed, somewhat substantially. We are no longer able to animation cancel, and so can put out far less lightning rods than we used to, causing our dps to drop, in some cases severely. In return, simple mode has been buffed slightly. However, simple mode does not reflect the standard skills used, especially in soulburn. We can slightly fix this by disabling death from above, but we cannot add things into the simple mode rotation. 
In light of this, I suggest one of two things. This is under the assumption that the devs do not want to give us back animation cancels.
a) You could either buff our attack damage to reflect our missing lightning rods so we can be back to on par with other classes.
b) You could add lightning rod into the simple mode for soulburn, so we can utilize that while in parties. This would at least allow us to use our most powerful skill when soulburned, rather than just heart stab.
Thank you for your consideration.

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