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Some Suggestions For Warlock

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I noticed that while i was playing warlock using soul burn while using quell i don't summon thrall at all so i was thinking why not you make some changes in thrall like for ice warlock's thrall emitting aura with limited rang that increases defense of party members that are near the thrall and shadow warlock's thrall emitting aura that increases attack power or critical dmg or any thing that enhances the attack of party members that near the thrall, while in Soul burn party member get the buff of increased defense or attack power depends on the warlock ice or shadow.
For instant dragon call i see the dragons take time spinning if possible you make them don't spin and being summoned from the sides like wingstorm.
For the weapon if possible you remove the razor and put talisman papers instead i think it will look cool.
For warlock 3rd spec i don't know about it but i would like if it would be necromancer summoning shadow soldiers like in solo leveling manga.

Sorry if i am suggesting few things but that what my mind can think of right now :) .

This suggestion is to Community Team of NCsoft.

Thanks in advance.

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