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Blade Dancer, Thundering Blade path, GC9 vs TB3

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Howdy all,

         So I have some several searches and majority said TB3 is quite good because of extra effects plus if you have ET SS/necklace/badge, it could give some extra DPS as well. Can anyone give me some comments on GC9 vs TB3? and is it worth to upgrade from GC9 to TB3?

I'm playing Blade Dancer, thundering blade path.

Thank you in advance for the advice.


Chris N

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@SilentOneHe asked for GC9 VS TB3, so I don't see where the PvE path matches his question. @dnguye999 I am at TB4 and come from GC9 like you, since I got the weapon I am happier, stacks happen as fast as GC9 or even better (GC weapon is not too good at stacks as it was Aransu9, honestly) and for the damage... well Yes its a DPS increase this time.

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