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How to get this achievments now? (In the current game moment i mean)

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I'm not sure as well on how to get "The Price of Progress" title, now that weapon leveling system has changed.

For the "Ascendant" title, you can also get it by upgrading Blackram Narrow or Tomb of Exile accessories. 

The trick is to use multiple amounts of rare level accessories in one go.

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On 12/8/2019 at 10:22 PM, Kuraite said:

I know that this achievments could be done easily with old leveling up gear, but now i dont know how to get this achievments, due that i dont know which weapons u can use as offering, and how to upgrade a piece of equipment from 1-5 in one go. Thanks.



It's easy for stages 1-5. Blackram narrows...(yeah..that dungeon which with some gems and unity lv40 can be without any effort soloed at lv15) 1st boss drops upgradeable ring....just feed in with other jewelry from same dungeon and you should be fine

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