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Will of Iron Events/tech improvements need support

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Blade and soul hide their info they make hard for loyal people play time by removing the discount upgrade soul heart weapon tailsman  

it should be important for them after launch of new spec should gift additional slot or lvl card like last time of warden or should provide certain upgrade stuff like nebula or anything that help people to upgrade things easily mostly what i saw why alts remain un-upgrade cause people wait for event shown up to make their alts gear up likewise people leeching in daily quest with raven3 and bt lvl 1 because bns did event but now their no event they waiting to shown up to make it done 




this time they have added nothing its scammed to say this is an event for what ? 

now this month no one going to play after getting the costume people only do to upgrade something which get from events- 



Further more tech improvement -

ON splash screen need re-login button rather then on launcher  if people dc they quickly start by changing it to 64-32bit it create also risk in raid if someone dc then crash issue 

-- their many game who did this in their splash screen -vindicus ,echo of soul, world of tank - they have relogin after launch splash screen make easier to reconnect 

improve normal hardisk life - it cause alot stress on normal hardisk -task manager usage note if people not ssd it cause high damage to their hardisk


2.32bit bns technical department hide their worktime to fix on their bugs 

-- fixable if they remove the limit of ram usage also remove the bandwidth limit  most crash issue arise if their ram 4< cap out but we have 8g which make 4 remain off side 


3.FM(PVp - using pve et 8set shield require nerfing pierce who use pierce in pve my simple question is that ) 

--- simply  remove pierce effect from pve shield  

4.Warden-(double hp - high burst ) korean nerfed it already should focus on na nerf too

--- require nerfing in server - and divine strike hits -2,3 with 7k crt def hit 300~400k hit each 


whoever opposing - 3/4 section should paste ur IGN-  i will check myself if u user of (warden./fm) obviously u gonna avoid it nerf  ( if u not user of any of the fm and warden )-i shall deeply understand ur word 



-Further more - if anyone need ss for -3-4 section glitching issue i shall acomponay u 


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It's a new spec not a new class there is no reason to give a slot or lvl voucher lol. Discounts also have nothing to do with new spec or classes either also has nothing do with people not gearing their alts, most people don't gear their alts because they only use them to do events and feed their main.

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