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More options for Blood Roses


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Hello, first off as the title suggests i would very much appreciate it from the dev team if they could find a way to implement Blood Roses as a merchant item to either Moon Refuge or Midnight Skypetal Plains NPC's - seeing how most my raid team ends up playing second fiddle to our most "Swiping" colleagues, providing them with much needed resources to edge on ALWAYS as top picks
at this current time, F10 specials just wont cut it
second topic would be implementing another way of access to Scarlet Soul Shields, seeing how the same people are marketing up costs for obtaining shield pieces, most of which havent even a decent roll on them to begin with
Lastly, would be your unending desire to fail in media outlets, and total disregard for what MYSELF, as well as countless others keep on saying - FAIL to listen to the needs of your more "stable" playerbase, and you end up with a bunch of kiddos that think this game is "kewl", and 2 weeks later give up completely due to the poor management of information spread across various platforms - most of which you have ZERO impact
Stop being yourselves for a SINGLE moment and place yourselves in our shoes, the peeps who've been around for the past 3+ years !!!!!

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I have to say that is a bad idea and that is why:


1. Blood Roses are for endgame gear - which in its fundamentals should be quite hard to get - You can always buy those from raid sellers (yes they are expensive, cause apparently endgame gear eats those like candies) and do not wine about your own raid is not giving you access to them.


2. Soul Shields are optional - be aware that full TT gear allows you to faceroll all the content so far. So if you want to get better gear, you work for it hard or swipe.


3. Here i won't comment since Im not sure what do you mean at all.


With Regards,


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vor 2 Stunden schrieb stefy4545:

Stop being yourselves for a SINGLE moment and place yourselves in our shoes, the peeps who've been around for the past 3+ years !!!!!

hahahahahahhahah cause they listen so much you think they will listen now ? Have you seen the state of PVP ? People complained about it alot and it was obvious where it would lead this game PVP wise. They did listen and restricted play times of PVP so they can get rid of the last PVP Player. Now its only a handful of players and alot of russians with their alts even tho thoose players are supposed to be banned.


I am 100% sure they only put in minimum effort into PVE cause they want to get to their next project, otherwise we would see some stuff for new players or some stuff people asked for since 3 years.


Back to topic:


I disagree since ET is still the most recent raid i dont think you should be able to farm the soul shields outside of it. They did the same to TT and it didnt take long till TT was pleb Soul shield. I do think the hearts would be cool if you could farm them in moon refuge since the only reason for their existence is to give us a bottleneck of upgrading our gear.

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Ever since BT, the game has been heavily built around raids, so the hardest gear should be exclusively obtained via raiding - you have to find a team, learn lots of mechs, be able to coordinate actions, etc. to succeed - nothing in this game is more satisfying than clearing a raid boss with friends / dedicated people after hours or weeks of trying. Newest raid is by far the most challenging content, especially with the addition of EM.


Thus, no blood roses should be added anywhere else to cater to people who either have no time to raid (sorry if you work and cannot play - just whale out or don't play MMOs) or who are just outright bad/antisocial people who cannot stay in a raid for obvious reasons. Farming blood roses, the mat for absolute end-game weapon, in Moon Refuge by trashing mobs would precisely be a reason why the game would suck even more contrary to your belief. The game is already boring enough and with being able to farm all top gear without doing the raid would disperse the community even more. If you want to smash trash mobs 24/7 farm for top-end gear go play BDO. I don't need another BDO here. Also, not being able to buy/upgrade raid gear without doing raids IS NOT EVEN IN TOP 5 of the reasons we don't have a "stable" player base - poor game optimization, moonstones behind 6v6, nerf of all profitable content, unnecessary hasty addition of absurdly expensive gear that takes many months to upgrade, and trove that gives cash users too much advantage, too gear-gated content like ET would be ALL far more important.


I will repeat again - if you don't want to / cannot join an ET raid, don't expect to the gear by other much easier means because it's both disrespectful to those who have spent weeks progressing through the raid (it took my raid more than 2 months to clear ET), and it would also lower already scarce social activity from the game as well as lower skill cap needed to progress down to the Marian Trench. 


No offense but you really look like a typical raid buyer, many of them being simply bad or lazy players from my based on my 9+ year experience of raiding, who just paid with gold the ET stuff from a selling raid and want to reroll ss and upgrade TB stages by just simple modding mobs outside Jadestone Village, dodging all the hard work :) You really gotta reroll to BDO and split you time between afk fishing, trashing hordes of packs of dummy mobs, and playing the market. That's exactly what you are looking for apparently. If you don't wanna work hard for the gear - stay on GC tier and you will still be able to do all in-game content with no issues. Everyone here seems to disagree with you, and it's for a reason. 

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