Disconnected from server (1000) (132)(15,100) problem

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Okay so it's some kind of necroposting, because i've seen posts from 2016 about this issue but I couldn't find a fix for this, so I want to share my problem with yall again.

I'm getting disconnected after killing particular bosses:

- got dced instantly after killing Master Hong, but it is fixed now somehow

- getting dced after killing ANY boss from ANY dungeon

- i'm not getting disconnected from the server if i'm randomly running through maps or standing afk

Also, the things that I've done about it:

- restarting the router

- updating the network card drivers

- reinstalling the game

- contacting with support kekw

- contacting with my ISP (they have found no issues in my internet connection)

If some of you had had this issue and somehow fixed it, please share your thoughts with me. Thank you for your help!



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