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LF> active BnS Discord

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Hi all,


I'm looking for an active BnS server, EU based preferably. Just since I'm a new player, it's a quick way to ask/access info other than forums/yt etc. 

I'm a lev 60 HM12 warlock. Only been playing for about 2 weeks or less.
Any suggestions? 

Thanks! :HajoonLaugh:

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I think some offered you that already but its better to have 1 or 2 exp players you can ask anything in my oppinion. So if you want i am answering all your questions just like the others i have in my discord list: EinFeuchterTraum#8747. I prefer to answer via text but usually i answer pretty quick. (everyone without exp is invited to add me aswell)


Active Discord servers are usually guild servers and to enter there you mostly need to be part of their guild and since no good guild accepts low levels (you cann not play together thats why) i cannot recommend you to join one yet.

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