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So, there this character I have named Kaede Adachi & I was trying to recreate her character after I've decided to fix both my main and her classes. Now My main be a Warden, while she is now a Zen Archer.  Anyways back to the topic... I tried to recreate her and all but, I guess I didn't save her appearance after I created her from the get-go. Yet I do have some screenshots of her, So I was wondering if there any way I can use those screenshots to use for her appearance. Ik you have to change the profile pic once you created the screenshot but, I just took screenshots without knowing about it... (Until I found a discussion about it) So, anyway anyone know how to edit the pic to become a profile pic?



Image of her: https://imgur.com/a/JRmTkJ7

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well you're gonna need to crop and scale the image down to 378x620. If you want a free image editor theres gimp which is an opensource image editor and what i personally use to edit my profile pics.




And once you've cropped and scaled your image use this site to convert the image to the correct format.



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as long as you didn't delete the character who has the appearance you want, you can still save the appearance ingame.

just go on that character ingame and go to the esc menu and choose "picture gallery", in the picture gallery there will be a "save appearance" option which will let you save the appearance of an existing character, which you can then use in character creation/alteration.

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