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Increase the availability of 3v3

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sadly they wont do such a thing. I complain about this BS since they announced it. They wanted to increase the ammount of games played but everyone who is actully playing the game knew beforehand. Have you watched their livestreams ? This guy is HM 16 and says he plays this game ! HM 16 ! thats litterly a new player who never touched this game and just started playing this game !


Before they restricted us it was possible to have fun but nowdays its only rank 1 players in que since they are not able to get all their chars up to gold in a reasonable time they are there in silver till the season ends and guess what this brings ? Frustration for everyone who is no able to play in worlds. 


You either play as good as someone who would take part in worlds or you have no chance thats why litterly no one plays 3v3 anymore its not rewarding !

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