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Hello! Jaz here! Since everyone's offering their art skills in exchange for some little gold, might as well do it too since I need gold and whatnot for upgrading my weapons and such. I had a similar old thread here but I decided to make a new one coz the previous one was like 3 years ago (even though I edited it, lol.) I decided it'd be better to start over.


I will only offer to do chibi style -


Cheebs Headshot for 200 gold (can be cheebs or non-cheebs)


Cheebs Full Body for 400 gold (200 gold for every other character on the same picture)


I only accept in-game currency. I'm in Yura - NA server.  I can probably do cross-server trading if you are on EU server.

I prefer to draw female characters but if your character is a male and don't mind looking girly, then feel free to request~ :3


You can also contact me through Discord - JazD801#7349 for a quicker response.



fushio.PNG merlin_f2p.jpg 


More samples here - https://jazd.leprd.space/ 


Just post your character references and other details you want me to add and other stuff ;D


Thanks for stopping by!

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