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The problem with this game ...

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am gonna break this up into 3 parts: new player problem, old player problems and old whale player problem.



New player issue 


first thing, a new player coming into this game is literally getting accs and weapon from raven king which is 4 contents ago scarlet - nightfall- hive queen - raven king. the top gear people wanted back in the days. they also getting accs from doing side quest, i saw some support chest on my alt once idk where it came from but yea, they all useless and only gives your profile nothing but legendary colours in my opinion, so people are gonna work for the rest,bt is easy to get a party for, but you still have people out there getting kicked by people that are brain wash to think a certain way. you have people farming the bt accs by using moon refuge method which in my opinion a waste of time to farm bt accs there but what can they do, now this leads to my point .... regardless if the item is farmeable they are putting an extreme amount of time to   farm the item to compensate for it being bASICALLY free. the earring and ring are way too valued at moon refuge , i dont see y it cant be 120 tokens also. i mean the starter items you get  to actually carry them to something worth something , your spending a load of mats for example to lvl starter soul to 3 years ago soul you looking at 150 Elysian  600 sacred orb and 600 soul stone crytals. that ridiculous, this game is out way too long to still have people at that current lvl of gear,the game is suffocating its own player base by locking people into boxes , new players will always be getting trash in slot gear that equal to the gear of an alt.instead of making starting items easier to lvl to at least get them to first stage legendary soul . stage 6 raven. just some decent lvl to give them a boost and stop  making starter items expensive to gear up then easier mid way then extremely  expensive end gear not talking about end game gear but the hard to easy to super hard is just not good instead easy normal and super hard.they need to always provide a way ingame to up your soul similar to the lvling ones they had in past. some people benefit from it but then again other don't even experience it .


normal players and baby baby whales


problem here is when u get to some point in gear you will find your self in a pickle  what to upgrade as everything requires the same amount of mats its not really that expensive to gear but it sure isnt worth upgrading as your not gonna benefit from anything until u done like 10 upgrades . they need to reduce the stages and balance the mats more.for example literally 6 upgrades of talisment is so useless. and even with cost reduction they did i still wouldnt even bother doing it , because your not getting any stats that can help you.until u do the monkey amount of upgrades.  


whale problems 


being whale now is probably boring , similar to when you achieve absolute power there just no challenge again, if your max gear you gonna be bored, as working for upgrades is probably the most fun you can have as a pve player considering everything is 1 shot fest easy mode and you can practically solo anything with max gear.raids with clans are fun too but ..... too much gear releasing in short period of time is the cause of this.....


other issues 

unity stones are another thing too, its one of those broken things in this game that  f2p mid whales will never get full use out of why...having all leg stones give u power equal to soul talisment buffs at almost max level and almost 100 ap alone .pet gems gives ap too

mid whales f2p will always be locked out by 200 ap  by some real hardcore end game gear that they will never get or reach that level  unless they blow up they credit cards or wait 3 years if the game stays that long.


arena is completely dead  now, am seeing alot of bots in 1s and 3v3 is dead also...they finally achieve the goal of killing pvp arena. class balancing is dumb at this point the more new class this game has the more dumb balancing get. 


what i can say to you is, don' stress your self on gearing  and try to enjoy the game as much as possible.... i stopped leveling my pve gear and just sit at aransu 3 .... with mid tier accs and upgrade my gear for pvp cause thats where i enjoy the game.... the true soul of this game died a long time ago and to how i see it never coming back, even with unreal engine and better fps . can't build a house on sandy soil ... if they arent trying to fix some of these issues from now any excitement people will get out of unreal engine will be short lived .


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As games like this get older, the need for newbies to group up to speed up the catch up process will increase, because the catching up process will increase over time to please the content requirements of those having been here for longer. I've seen this happening in other games like this. So yeah, maybe a step up from raven to aransu as starter gear (or a faster transition between those gears to not make khanda vihar 100% obsolete) may be something to think about in the close future. But still the catch up will be lengthy as time passes.


As you transition from newbie to regular player, you will have streamlined the farming process to some amount. You have things you can farm and sell on marketplace, and your may have become proficient in maintaining dps for faster clears. Still a group here is important because no matter where you are, having people with you will speed it up by a lot.


As for whales, they got to that point on their own doing, so I don't pity a bored whale, though the company may lose their most valuable customers if they don't cater to them and their high money demands. So the game needs them happy as well.


So really, in the end, get friends, play with them and enjoy the game that way and at your pace, and forget about the outside world.

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On 15.11.2019 at 5:37 PM, Miggy Miggs said:

New player issue 

How to start solving: 



1. Cut down the raven king weapon stages to 4 with the stats of the current stages 1,3,6,9

2. Upgrade materials for this weapon:

- 1/1/1/1 Raven king weapon material

- 10/20/30/40 Raven king souls

- 25/50/100/200 Raven king elements (comparable with the current legendary elements, acc bound)

- 1/2/3/4 Raven king transformation stones (comparable to the current transformation stones, acc bound) 

3. Raven king elements drop in the raid from trash mobs (especially in the corridors) and are farmable in party via quest outside the Skybreak spire on the island (reward for kill or monsterdrop)

4. Raven king transformation stones are obtainable by the dynamic quest of "Dawn of Khanda Vihar" (1 per week) and as a drop in Naryu Foundry.


5. Do the same with the aransu weapon

6. The upgrade materials for these weapons are:

- 1/1/1/1 Hive queen weapon material

- 10/20/30/40 Hive queen hearts

- 20/40/80/160 Hive queen elements (acc bound)

- 2/4/6/8 Hive qeen transformation stones (acc bound)

7. Hive queen elements drop in the raid from trash mobs, minibosses and are farmable in party via quest outside in the Dasari Palace Gardens (reward for kill or monsterdrop)

8. Hive queen transformation stones are obtainable by the dynamic quests of "Fallen Aransu School", "Snowjade Palace" and as drop in Ebondrake Lair.


Intention of the system: accustom players to a material based upgrade system, using items with good accessability to have a steady progress and that are complety cut of the endgame. Giving the choice to farm materials faster by doing sidequests and running dungeons that are "connected" to the raids.



Disenchanting raven and hivequeen soulshields no longer provide powder. Instead it gives a box "Raven king soulshield primer" and "Hive queen soulshield primer" where players can choose a primer stat to enchant their soulshield.


... to be continued


On 15.11.2019 at 5:37 PM, Miggy Miggs said:

whale problems 

Introducing a dungeon where you acutally need to have max dps and a demanding mechanic to kill the boss. Failing in one of those things will make the boss unkillable. Well this would presuppose a balanced class dmg.

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I think there is a bigger fundamental question here, which is: exactly how long should it take a "new" player to catch up to average current gear.  It took me several years to get here.  Should it take a new player the same amount of time, half the time, a quarter of the time?  I think if you answer that question first then you can figure out if NC is doing it right or wrong, but of course nobody is going to agree.  I share a very different approach than most.  I think the abundance of alts has actually ruined the game.  I don't think there should be any sharing of gold or items across account toons, and I think that daily/dungeon rewards should be locked per account and not toon.  It boggles me how NC has allowed the selling of raid items to continue as well.  It has always been ironic in this game that sometimes the best way to gear up is not to play at all, and just wait until they reduce prices.

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2 hours ago, Tufa said:

I think the abundance of alts has actually ruined the game.  I don't think there should be any sharing of gold or items across account toons, and I think that daily/dungeon rewards should be locked per account and not toon.

I mostly support this idea and have made several proposes for such a development direction as account wide dc, wc and daily dungeon gold. However the point i can't agree is the gold and item sharing on one account. There should be a way, especially for older players to equip their toons with ressources farmed by their main. The other way around (what we see right now) it shouldn't be worth and the design of the events is another point to mention when it comes to the abundance of alts.

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