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Lucky guild box


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Huhu Community Team,


i  wanted to ask about a few more  information related to *lucky guild box* which u can aquire by crafting certain items from professions.
What is the chance of actual hitting the sweet spot of rolling on a drop?
What are the amount u can roll ( i got 1 box from a craft of 15 empyrean spirit stones)

Do u have the same chance no matter the quantity of the craft ( for exmaple 6 or 24 transformationstones) or do u have a higher chance of a drop when u craft more ( the amount of chests is apperently completely random if i consider above comment) 
A bit of feedback related to this would be amazing since i have been crafting nearly 2k transformation stones in the past month and yet i am barely ( less than 20 so far / 3 crits) 

I would really appreciate feedback with the actual values ( if possible) or close value ranges on this. 


Best regards 


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