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Please stop buffing old content

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While making content relevant for existing players again is a nice concept, it messes up the new player base, and you don't want to be doing that, because you need new players, and you need them to stay. If you keep blocking every possible thing they can do in this game out of the story, they'll get bored and leave. It doesn't get more simple than that. I had just gotten to the point my friend and I could 2-player Heaven's Mandate and now we can't again. Now you're boosting something else?


Screw everyone new then I guess. That's how old content works, for the record. Eventually, it becomes irrelevant to higher-levelled players. That's part of growing beyond it, and it's sort of a good thing. Trying to get around it is just shooting yourself in the foot and it's making me, a paying premium customer, consider taking my money elsewhere. Just think about that.


Stop punishing your new players for being new. I can't recommend my friends join anymore either because I took a break too long and got trapped in a catch 22 where I need better gear to be able to do things to be able to get better gear and I'm about fed up with it. Do you know the saying don't fix it if it ain't broke? I feel like that's valid here. Not that I expect this to accomplish anything but I do feel a little better. Carry on I guess.

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So you are saying that Mushin 1-8 is so relevant that new players have no way of playing if it gets updated to current gear??? :JinsoyunPale:
I can bet all my gold that most people have not even play Mushin 1-8, is so old and irrelevant, playing it again as an event is totally a nice idea, and I'm exited to relearn it.

And about HM/CS they were updated but also the rewards, even if people could solo it before it was starting to get irrelevant, renewing all content is better than letting it die, I'm up for more content to be updated, like old 24 man dungeons for example.

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Why must everything be new new new to bns players? I honestly like when they recycle old content because it is nostalgic if you have done it before and for new players who have never done mushins tower it will be new content as well. Its a win-win. 
But now the problem lies in how difficult ncsoft will make this event. I consider everything requiring more than bt gear a bit harsh on new players or alts since no way do they have vt gear if they are new

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29 minutes ago, Sasuke said:

I'm glad you weren't around for the 45 patch when Mushin was only accomplished by a very few handful of players. 

Yes, the enrage timer was ridiculous, only top geared players could beat that at the time.

I don't like Mushin 1-8, most of the time you spend there is waiting for the door to open.

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