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So I haven't been playing in two years and came back to A LOT of changes and quite frankly, I'm confused af.:HongWhat:

I finished the story and the orange quests at least up until i have to enter the dungeon/raid. I'm still too weak for those and the newer dungeons. I don't even know where to start upgrading my weapon, i currently have dawnforged lvl 3 (force master) and i thought i'd immediately go over to raven 3 but then i read that i should look for a dawnforged with all the gem slots and possibly have two weapons? One that i upgrade the dawnforged path until i switch to raven 9 i think so that it's cheaper and one that stays raven 3 that i can keep using for dailies and such? Should i do that? and where to even start with the accessories..i think i currently have the apex earring stage 1 and the horizon belt? stage 1, and the other gear is from the story, the destiny things. Can somebody please tell me where to go from here? I know it's a lot to ask but maybe somebody feels sorry for me as i am truly clueless xD I'm trying to do 4/4 dailies and i'm slowly going onto raids...i don't want to be a burden there but where else can i get the stuff for the upgrades :puke:

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Regarding the weapon, you can purchase the Dawnforged weapon for Naryu silver from Zaiwei(might be a vendor in Mushin's Tower also), you may need to buy a few in order to get one with 8 gem slots, but keep trying.


Regarding the Accessories, one of the easiest ways to get the next tier up is in Moon Refuge, There is daily mission in there(part of the daily Challenge) and then the repeatable mission there also, The Daily mission will give you part, the repeatable you'll need to complete 4 times. Then you take that back to one of the vendors in Moon Refuge to exchange for Moonlight Buds, which you can in turn use to purchase ACCs.


Get on a Skybreak Spire(BT) dungeon team, plenty of teams taking lower characters and get the ring and earring from there. Don't buy with Buds it costs too much, i think they can also be bought from the current event.


As for Gems, you should get a few completing the quests(Temple of succession quest gives some also i think, not the raid).



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