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New Justice Emblem

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Yes, this item from a side quest during A10 storyline is unable to destroy, sell, trade and it will stay in your inventory no matter what and since inventory expansions are strictly a cash shop thing, it will bother me alot even if it is just one wasted invenotry space.

For past month i hoped they will fix it during a wednesday maintenance, but nothing happend so far.

So please, could you do something to remove this from the inventory? I have 7 chars so basically 7 inventory spots wasted with this sh**. Thanks.

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On 16/2/2020 at 5:08 AM, Amraith said:

Hello No namen,


You can contact them by email: support@bladeandsoul.com





And under which type of issue we should report it?! can't believe this has been happening since Otober 2019 and has not been fixed. I just returned to play for a while willing to invest some cash to upgrade quickly, (now that it is p2w) but now I have two characters with this problem! I submint tickets all day at job and now have to do the same if I want to play. Awesome!!!

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Said item is from a blue quest when Act X was released in the Empyrean Citadel (Solak) map zone.   At some point during the story progression (end of chapter 9), the area portals located on either side of the Empyrean stronghold become blocked, which likely is the same area you have to walk through in order to complete that particular quest.

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