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Indeed, KFM has too much damage/defense in BG.


3 hours ago, ImoutoMaster said:

Learn how to play maybe ? Just dont attack them it they cant block or evade and stun them in this exact moment.

Isn't the downtime of KFMs counter 0.3s if he keeps spamming it? That's insanely low for one of the best counters in the game + the fact that they don't need a target for Q/E, have flurry and avenging fist as additional iframes. Also don't forget about the 100% evasion buff that evades attacks that don't pierce defense. The iframes also reset with the BG weapon. If a KFM knows what he's doing in BG, he's literally FM-tier in terms of stalling but with better burst damage. When you consider that they have all of these defensive options combined with that insane damage, it's just too much.

Either nerf their defense or offense.

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I am definetly no KFM main sure ive got one as alt but its really not that hard. KFM needs to constantly iframe there will be a time gap where he is stunable and after you stuned him once he is free food if you dont play like most players and spam ur skills onto him. Brain > Skill on the other hand FM got Frost tornado which dosent have a counter or any counterplay ingame expect for running which is mostly not possible cause in a 6v6 fight you will use ur iframes really fast so you dont die in one hit.


Only FM and maybe Warden needs nerfes. Warden cause Blade ward needs a cd otherwise this class does have a godmode since there is no defence mechanic you can look at its just him attacking and FM cause of the tornado which dosent have a counterplay ingame at all expect for running which is mostly not possible in nearly every fight situation.

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@ImoutoMaster Battleground is NOT 1v1. Even if you're waiting out the KFM iframes and make sure you don't hit into its counter, some other people or some random summoner cat or thrall might do it. KFM gets too much defense in return for this, considering it's also capable of that damage. I'm fine with letting it stay like this as long as the damage gets nerfed or vice-versa. Either let it remain super survivable like this or reduce the damage. Right now you have a class with really good survival and really good damage. A third option would be making it harder to deal that sort of damage with tremor, like requiring some stacks or some other conditions before casting it.

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vor 49 Minuten schrieb Chara Dreemurr:

Battleground is NOT 1v1.

I know that thats why i recommend people to ignore KFMs till their team is dead so you can 1v1 them. For Summoner you can control your cat either use q or just attack other players and for Warlock the thrall only attacks people who you attack aswell if you already attacked the kfm so he got aggro on the thrall press e and he will stop till you attacked him.


I never die from Tremor btw so its probably your gear ?


There are alot of other things balance wise you can cry out about but you guys are choosing the only class expect for SF which is somewhat balanced.

For example FM simple veil will give you godmode for 15 seconds against gunner and it can reset with weapon.

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