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FPS problem in town and when some players are in town

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Hello everyone


I have a issus with my FPS in any town with players and a little bit in combat and when a enter in a town.

i stopped the game 3 year ago and i tryed to replay a little bit for see what the game is become now. At the time I had an I7-3770k and a GTX 670 running on W8.1 with all setting at 2-3 and shadow at 1 and im running the game at 75-85 FPS with no issus in city and a little bit on drop with players around but not as drastic as what I have now.


Now with a Ryzen 5 3600 and a Vega 64 (UV/OC 1700mhz/1075mhz) latest driver and w10 latest update too and i running the game at 120 fps with all setting at 5 with some little drop fps in combat not so important (atleast 4-10 fps drop) but when i enter to a town or take some portail my fps drop at 10-20fps for 1 second and return at 120 fps i don't know if is it normal i'd prefer to specify it.

In any town or with players around my fps drop to 25-35 fps even at low setting i have barely 52-56 fps 

My CPU USe is around 20% and my GPU is around 60-80% at 700-800 Proc and 500-800 mem. it seem really not used 


So i tryed to look around for some solution and it seem that im not the only one to have fps issus like that

Some people seem to say that it is the Windows updates that are at fault and the version 1703 d.on't have issue, some that the game are really not optimised.


I tryed run the game at 32 bit / disable shadow / use a dx12 mod, maybe i ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up but it seem not to help too.


I will attempted to reset my pc with the 1703 Windows update for see if that change something but i want to do that in last resort.


What should i do ? Do you have some secret weapon that could help ? Do you think that UE4 coming soon will help alot for people in my case ?

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