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Is this class is braindead as everybody says?

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Maybe this have been answered before but I want to know if this class is just spam RMB and LMB only (not saying is bad) and have high dps. I currently main a Warden but Im struggling with some daily bosses while I see all this ranged just getting stunned some times... Should I reroll gunner or stay Warden? Im mostly doing solo to grind for my gear. Also willing to go FM. So maybe I can get some guidance on the class? 

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I mean... you can keep all your characters and play them for fun... Wardens are pretty good for an un-complicated melee class, especially since you rarely need to worry about dodging or anything with Blade Ward up.


That being said, yes... gunslinger (especially if you put Simple Mode on) is probably the most brain-dead class in the game. Simple Mode pretty much does most of the work for you. Although I don't know as much about the 'shadow' build, the 'fire' build's mechanics mostly revolve around building explosive rounds and using them effectively with your normal combat. This involves firing normally and, whenever you see a crosshair symbol, hit the 3 button to gain explosive rounds. However, Simple Mode for this patch automatically does this for you whenever it pops up. It will also effectively rotate between your quickshot and unload skills on top of all this, taking out most of the work for you.


Of course, that's just basic combat. There is more to it than that. You'll still want to use V to proc your bracelet when that comes up, C to give you a temporary unlimited use of unloads 4 to gain explosive rounds if need be, but also to mark a target for your burst, Bulletstorm. Fortunately, even with Tombstone active (with Tab), Bulletstorm will fire off properly with RMB even in Simple Mode, so it all works out pretty well.


The only other things you need to worry about is reloading with LMB to recover focus (as gunslingers don't recover focus the same way other classes do), Alpha Call to reset buffs with Z, using CCs (2 key for stun, 1+F for KD) and your defensive abilities (E for dodging, 1 for a quick counter and X for a temporary shield).


This sounds like it's a lot... but it REALLY isn't. Like you said, it's 90% of the time holding RMB and reacting to different things with various key presses. There's little "rotation" to fire gunners, just activating things as they come off CD.

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