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Dumbing down classes, choices, and gameplay

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This is mostly for PvE and I play mostly blade dancer and some warlock.


Blade dancers use to have grab, now pretty much don't.


Use to have flash step and bladeguard, but now I have to lose DPS for gameplay "preferences" or style.


Use to have Time Distortion as an option, now have to gimp ones self pretty hard with awakening. 


Thrall use to be a thing (although not much). Now summoner is the only class in the game with a summon.


Awakening tightened up an already painfully small set of skills and skill "choices." Awakening was suppose to remove small reasons for changing skills and instead make them about how you want to play. Now it's being strangled to death with badges, gear, and bad skill updates.


With 3rd specs coming most of them are warden'ing everything. If I wanted to play or main warden I'd do so. If you turn my more played characters into warden then I guess those are big updates gone to waste.

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