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The Story of the game is based on 0 mech and skill, new players that come to blade and soul don't know what to do after they finish the story giving them harder dungeons to start with ain't gonna make them stay, like what is even the thinking also giving better starter weapon ain't gonna change much they still don't know mech and or how to use their ability's the daily's are throwing for new players, its way too much for them, a game that want to keep living hug new players reward them give them a a head start, giving them better starter weapon aint gonna make them stay, they don't even appreciate the state of the weapon or now what they need to do to get next upgrade, blade and soul should give easy hugging head start when I finished the story I didn't even knew I gonna need mech for bosses, why would i knew that, the story had nothing to do with that, the story/after story or whatever should teach them the basic of dungeons, player doesn't need to go and search in youtube or twitch or anywhere to know how boss works, its where the game take place or the game show's him or he just participate a lot, it's nice and does work on solo dungeons, but on raid there is no one who is going to wait for you to learn neither on normal dungeons, so the only thing left is the first option which is yours to take part of.

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