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Need an Internet Expert please

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ok ... I live in Argentina I've been playing all the time with 300 ms I have optic fiber 100mb the tests runs well and I dont have any problem at all , the thing is I know the servers arent perfect  but everyday like at 3 - 5pm I notice I have my ms stable at 150 160ms but after a few hours it goes up to 250 300 what I normally play, I play other games where they have a NA server and I play them at 190 200ms stable but at that time 3pm-5pm sometimes earlier my ms goes down to 150ms stables but after a few hours they come back to 190 200 ms, I'm sure that nothing is updating or downloading anything. I want to know if its a problem of my pc my modem or what , and if I call my ISP what should I tell them , cause I called them and told about the problem but they say there isnt any problem, there's nothing to fix , I want to know why magically my ms go down to that 150ms stables and then it comes back to 200ms, what can cause it. So I will apreciate any help or information that I can get , I tried to search on google or forums but I didnt get anything similar :(

PD: the 150ms are in every game that is located in NA not only in blade and soul , but only in blade and soul I play with 250 300ms , but on other game I play with 180 190ms

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it it maybe during busy hours?  you should see your ms go up when there are a lot of players playing, thats why it only happens at certain hours, then when players log off your MS drops. Thats actually something completely normal.

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