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The Shadowmoor still wipes curse

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The gold reward was actually changed but the mechanics are exactly the same as they were.


On an unrelated note my game seems to be running extremely smooth (100+ fps in combat with 0 stutters), so I guess they did do something.


But the mechanics of dungeons (TSM at least) remains unchanged.

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Learn to read with understanding...


"Several Easy Mode dungeon Bosses have had their “Berserk Rage” mechanics adjusted so that it does damage instead of instant-kill.

Cathedra Cliffs - Ayanka

Warped Citadel - Kangrim

Brood Chamber – Nacha, Vetarex

Dreamsong Theater – Mazuko"


Do you see TSM adjustment?


Previous post for Cyan:


"We’re also verifying the adjustment to Dreamsong Theater and The Shadowmoor, and they will be changed as soon as we can confirm it:

Dreamsong Theater – Mazuko: change “Berserk Rage” so that it does damage instead of instant-kill.

The Shadowmoor – Mookwan:  change so that the “Curse” debuff that is put on the furthest player does damage instead of instant-kill when the debuff timer runs out."



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9 minutes ago, Cyan said:

We'll be looking to get a fix out for this (and some other things) as soon as we can. Hang tight for further info.


@Cyan and I hope for all dungeons below TSM too.. its not fun getting less rewards while all dungeons got harder than before Storm of Arrows patch.. The dungeons all have hardmode mechanics now even tho they are named easymode.. they arent easy at all. Normal Mode was much easier than this

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