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Show off your Archers

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As shown off in the showoff topic "show off your characters"...

Haven´t found a bow i am really digging yet, but don´t feel like doing endgame content, so BAD LUCK.



Very random background for very nonrandom content!






Remember when stuff was being killed on the actual world map? Remember Bloodshade?! Wheeeee! :PoharanHappy:





"How i got Regium Corvus"

A fairy tale from ancient times, long long ago in a game far away...

Once upon a time, there was daily dash.

At the end of daily dash there was Regium Corvus and everyone who d roll orderly every single day had a fair chance to get it, even the non premium plebs.

And there was me, who was a pleb with some unlucky rolls but still was 2 squares from the end and would have gotten Regium Corvus.

But then there came suddenly an early server down and when it came back online, Regium Corvus daily dash was gone!

But there were a lot of crickets who were close getting Regium Corvus and so they chirped on the forums that the maintenance came too early.

And the mighty gods of BnS, they listened to the community at once.

And Regium Corvus daily dash was destroyed.

And everyone could roll the dice to get it.

The end.

OMG - What an amazing story!



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