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Builds for Archer

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my rotation for light spec:

Z , charged X, RMB pressed without releasing it till next X cools down, 3, 4, LMB , 3 , Z to detonate.

if possible, never release RMB.


Z is just for beginig of a the fight like shift E.


this is just me testing, not rly sure if this is the best.

out of story with skybreak 1 accs, and raven 3 bow i can do about 150k dps sustained

without a real bracelete.

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For Wind users, I find that your rotation is a bit more reactionary. There are certain things you want to try to do, of course, but here's what I tend to do:


1) Start with Z, C, 3, Q/E into the ring, 4, RMB/F (or just RMB if you use simple mode... which is a good idea honestly)

2) C whenever it's up

3) V whenever it's up (and you don't have rapid fire up)

4) Charge 4 fully if V or 3 are down and don't have rapid fire up

5) RMB/F any other time


This is a somewhat basic "rotation" for Wind users if you decide you prefer that path (which I have quite enjoyed so far).

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While most people will tell you that "Light is PvE and Wind is PvP", you can do either effectively. Light Archer does do a little more damage overall (roughly 20% in the best conditions), but also requires better ping and also to be in near-melee range. Wind PvE is still very effective, however and can output quite a bit of damage, is a bit easier to use and is effective at all ranges.


Honestly, it's all about play style if you ask me. I prefer Wind, so I went Wind. If you're looking to min-max and have the absolute best damage, go Light if you want... but there is no wrong answer.

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