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BnS Last Stand

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Dear Community,


Am insanely irritated and angry what happened since last week, therefore Im writing this as last resort to bring back BnS to healthy state.

Too many slaps to players, too many lies an so on..

I ve played BnS a lot, with some breaks - I remember the 45lvl cap - golden times in the history of this game, but recent actions from NCW are beyond any measure...


It appears that complaints and words do nothing so time for actions.


What Im asking you is just simply stay away from the game for 48h. Lets all just log in today, do your crappy daily/weekly/whatever you are doing and just log off.

I would like to encourage you to log off until 6am Cest at Thursday (26/09) and stay away until 6am at Saturday (28/09).

I guess NCW has a traffic monitor, so they will see there is literally noone on the server.


The point of such action is simply show, we won't be ATM machines and we want healthy game which is friendly to either whales and casuals. We want communication, proper events, rewarding system for doing something hard...


In this state, the game will be closed in matter of months - so 48h are not relevant i believe. Do something else, play something else, do what your are passionate about, but forget about BnS for that time.


After, you will have time to do your raids and stuff.


Would be nice, if the NA Yura Server could be coordinated in that case within 48h time period - not necessarily same time as EU (but would be great), by someone relevant to the community...

@Eckogen@keroppi@Jarke@EvilDoUsHarm ?


I belive you guys share my point of view.

They will hear us out, or just close down the server - which will eventually happen sooner or later with such management.


Also, I believe that NA/EU community would like to have a contact with Korean devs responnisble for the game developement and update implementing, cause i do have enough of those NCW clowns and pawns...


Thank you for at least reading that post.


If you are with me, + below.


With regards to the community and 0 regards to NCW,





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NC is not stupid all of their action are calculated i guess.

The plan they have i suspect is:


1. People will still play since for most players its an addiction. Not to the state that you cant live without it anymore but that you want to play it otherwise game would be dead a long time ago.

2. alot of people simply dont care about that plan or simply will not notice your plan.

3. NC will not care as long as trove etc. gives money. 2 Days less playtime = more trove cause you are missing more mats = more money to nc.


In the end such a plan will just benefit NC since they will know its just a worthless plan. Who cares if people dont play for 2 days they will come back after 2 days.


NC is not stupid all of their action are calculated i guess.

The plan they have i suspect is:


1. Decrease the value of time usage by decreasing farming possibilities.

2. Stealthy introduce F10 as possibility to get the missing stuff.

3. give players stuff to upgrade faster so they need more stuff.

4. Introduce stuff you need but can only obtain via Real money.

5. Continue the cash grab till the game is dead.

6. finally closing the game so you can put thoose resources into another one. (new games usually pay better)


I am pretty sure at this point they want to close BNS to get resources for another game but they dont want to just close it cause people would be scared it can happen to any game they have.

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Also played since closed beta, the game has long since sold out.

As a premium subscriber, I feel let down just as much if so more than the F2P players.

These guys expect me to pay for prem, then pay boxes/trove then pay for gold to be able to get item from trove, all the mats I need are conveniently available for real cash.

NOTY, why would I continue to support such a business model when there are games like FFXIV that have been designed to be fun and not around fleecing its player base, hell thir 90days subscription is actually cheaper than the 90day premium.

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