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Thoughts on Zen Archer

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Idk man, gotta say i expected something else. It's so ping heavy, click heavy, hybrid q/e doesn't suits me and for max dps in light spec you have to be in the melee range basically standing still which counterplays the q/e/lmb logic behind it. Also 2 should be usable only with a target within a range, not just click & hit nothing. Need to try the wind spec little bit more, but at first i planned to send shareable stuff from my main to Archer however now i think i would not make him new main.

And the mobility, regardless of shitload of position skills disappointed me. RMB should be movement-free.






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On 9/24/2019 at 7:10 AM, YangShane said:

i hate just one thing... why the basic atack block movement? it's bullshit...



but the other things are ok to me...

Use talents like windrunner at windpiercer skill tree, this will allow to move while using basic attacks

At lightbringer build you have  "Evasive Actions" for it

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would be nice if some one experienced enough with the class to tell us which build that fit more for PVE and PVP i tried both build in PVE and seems that wind  have highest DPS than Light also a bit faster than light but most of people says that wind is for pvp so if any experienced in both build tell us his opinion here .

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I use Light spec. problem is u need be close to boss for Sunburst to rly hit. but both Ray Strike and Sunburst push u back from the boss 2m each.

you find yourself some times even out of range. starf left/right can make u lose dps since u need to aime exactly at boss after it, could take time to get use to. fast moving bosses also make u lose dps like in HM.

DPS is good on a Dummy or at MSP but if need do mechanic u loose plenty dps.

not rly for new players, but if u get used to the play style it's a beast.

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I'm playing Wind archer and I've been having a lot of fun with the class. When everything clicks, it feels amazing to play. Using Q/E to strafe instead of running feels fast-paced and really fun.


If I had two criticisms with the class as a whole, it'd be the following:

1) I am not a fan of the F skills moving you backwards. It's annoying to have to re-position once you've moved backwards too far and end up being out of range. If I'm going to stand and fire, I'd much prefer not to be moved automatically like that.

2) 3's area rings that appear that you're supposed to get into seem to have some problems being placed in proper spots. Either they aren't placed on the surface of the terrain and vanish (though their effect is still there), making it hard to find, or they appear near the boss rather than near you. I think NC should have the rings appear a bit higher off the ground and have them be based around where the character is, not the target.


Those two changes would make the class that much better.

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