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Too much dmg. (1vs1)

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Dear NCSOFT employee, 


i ask you to look into the dmg dealt by archers and summoners. Exspecially in 1vs1 pvp. Archer does around 5k critical hit with skills after or while dodging. Also archer is provided with a lot of resistance and basically none of his attacks count as a ranged projectile. 

Regarding summoner they have too many skills that are not considered ranged projectiles either. Also why do certain classes have to aquire certain circumstance while the summoner only has to get 1 CC of and it doesnt matter what kind of CC to get a knockup combo. Also didnt you want to work on the summoners cat being able to break up any combo of the enemy while the summoner himself is airboned or CC'ed. In a clash between 2 classes and 1 of them being summoner the outcome is too easy to see because the summoner can just pve you down while the other class has to manage combos to do so because most of the classes have to use different skills then they do in pve while summoner doesnt. Also the summoner does have too many resistance skills and they can get into stealth as well. How is a player supposed to kill them while the summoner has more resist more dmg and more CC then any other class. Basically the same issue that was in the past with the Bladedancer having to knockup you and taking minimum 50% of your HP is now a huge problem with summoner. Warlock for example has to do a lot before they can get their knockup of correctly and they have timings to consider of they dont want to fail their knockup combo but summoner does it just like that and taking most of your hp while WL can do that too but other then wl not being able to kill you without a proper knockup combo the summoner does too much dmg on the ground as well.


PLS at least take a look at it.

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I cannot say much about Archer yet since there are not that much players in gold rank yet but they seem to be able to simply shoot through block and projectile Blocks dosent matter to them either. They can do untabable aerial which does 100% of health as dmg.


Unlike Warden and Gunner i dont have the feeling Archer is op currently (talking about release date of warden gunner they were op) cause even tho it sounds op you can easyli outmove them and their aerial still needs circumstances which are not that easy to accomplish unlike BM.

In my oppinion Archer is fine.


I can say a bit more about summoner thou.

Everything they have can be countered the only thing which bugs me is them being able to grab you with cat through grab. Usually you stay on range block when the cat charges (he cannot grab if you block on range) and wait till he used his stealth. 1. time he will use his tab 2. time you can start doing ur combo simply use some resist skill like sf defence chi, KFM max agility, Gunner Shield...... and combo the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of him.


Yes they have 100/0 untabable but there is only a 10% chance for them to pull it off and it really hard for a summoner to get you into aerial.


Summoner is in my oppinion one of the weaker classes currently.


My classes inorder of PVP Experience: Soul fighter, KFM, Gunner, Warlock, Force Master, Blade dancer, Assasin, Blade master

Classes i have exp playing with but no longer have: Warden, Summoner

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And you are wrong it takes a daze or a stun to knockup a person. 

And summoners are only good at pvp because of the air combo. If you remove the aircombo summoner is as good as useless in pvp. And let me tell you how hard it actually is to aircombo someone, i mean we have to stun or daze you first before we launch you into the air so you have a full second there to tab out before we hit v. There is a super super low chance that v will crit and we can v a second time but that chance is very low and doesnt even happen everyday. (Btw we cant launch you with a kd like you say). And summoner actually has only 1 resistance skill and thats not many like you say. True friend is a 5 sec resist and beckon and ss are 1 second iframes. Thats it. Those are all the iframes we have, and if you hit into our counter then you only have yourself to blame for spamming 

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