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Install "Not enough disk space"

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Ive been trying for the last few days to install B&S But every time it starts it says theres not enough disk space and cancels the download i clearly have room on the hard drive i tried installing it to my SSD and my Other hard drive and with no luck still same thing??

I have in my pc it says recovery image (D:) With like 14.3GB of space and every time i try to download the game it creats a folder in that drive and ive tried everything thing i can to either remove that drive through Disk Manager or merging the Drive with my C drive but i cant seem to get rid of it??? 


Any Help on fixing this bug within the download part of the screen I would really Appreciate it!

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The recovery image D: is a separate partition created by windows for system recovery data and the only way to merge or get rid of it is to format the drive(losing all data on that drive) and then reinstalling windows again and customizing the install to put all the info on one partition.I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have a copy of windows and are fairly confident with your computer knowledge.Looking at the game folder on my PC it is almost 52Gb and that isn't including other folders for saved screen shots etc. so the game uses a lot of disk space.

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On 9/23/2019 at 10:02 AM, Ukonvasara said:

im also running into this problem. i have a small 😄 drive and a large 😧 drive, i make folders on the 😧 drive, tell the launcher to download to those 😧 drive folders, and it repeatedly fills my 😄 drive where it cant fit.

did you manage to solve this? having the same issue 

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...Had the same issue. Its the update causing the issue with me. Tried to reinstall the game to D drive to free up C Drive for other things,, and made the MISTAKE of thinking it had worked, when it just went and reinstalled it to C Drive again, when it said it was going on to D drive. No matter what I did, it refused to go on D Drive.

...I had 153 GB(153!!!) free on my C drive, and it filled up to the brim and stopped during the Update. Had no more files to delete at all on C Drive. I found that the basic game itself was there in the files I had reinstalled on C Drive, however, so I copied the basic game itself to my Portable E Drive (1 TB) with Copy and Paste, then deleted the game completely from C drive.

...When I went to update it(can't play until its updated now) I had it SEARCH for the game, not install it to a particular drive(it'll go back to C drive every time, stubborn little thing). Clicked on the NCSOFT file on the Portable E drive for the SEARCH, and danged if it didn't find the game on Portable E Drive and frigging work. I had also copied the Launcher into the file on the Portable E Drive, and ran it directly from there. I believe that made the difference. It then actually updated onto the Portable E Drive NCSOFT file, and I am now playing again. My Characters were unaffected.

...The Game now resides on my Portable E Drive, and C Drive has A LOT of free space for whatever....YAY!(153 friggin GB's free)

... This was after more than 48 hours of downloading and deleting failed attempts.  Thought I had lost the game. A hint I saw on another forum post on the subject got me this far, so, good luck and hope it works for some poor other HM student. We suffer alone, but can find small victories together... Its us vs the ones who made a great game idea such a mess...

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