Easy mode. Really?

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As NcSoft stated, due the implementation of "easy" mode they lowered gold from quests, well, their definition of easy is really odd, dungs now seem more complicated and takes longer to finish them, but besides dungs you can find in F8 the question is :  Why they halved gold from solo dungeons if the difficulty is the same or worse ? There are no changes in solo dungeons, difficulty is the same, and worst, they removed the use of revitalizer so now it is much harder finishing those dungeons and the rewards arent worth the time and effort invested.

I hope Ncsoft patches this and fix the use of revitalizer, and if they gonna keep the difficulty level in those dungeons at least restore the reward to what it was or even increase it if revitalizer will be kept removed, honestly I am very discouraged to play this game, time I invest on it is the same but rewards are halved and difficulty has increased.


Dont make this a brain dead game, mechs are fun just dont exagerate with them and give some in game clues to follow them, players arent fortune tellers and game somehow has to teach mechs, you cant rely on players go check on youtube mechs every time you release a new dungeon.


I am a returning player, after more than a year of absence I decided to return and the changes I found were positive, for me getting outfits is part of what makes enjoy this game, previous this patch by doing a purple train every day after 2 weeks I was able to buy HMcoins for the outfit I wanted before it was retired from the shop, now the time for getting enough gold for that is simply too much and discourages me keep playing, I am aware what keep this game runnig are players who buy Ncoins but setting conditions in game that practically force players to buy Ncoins is not a smart move as you can see by the vast mayority of players who complain about changes in last patch. Other interesting point is the fact that with these changes maintain alts is too complicated, and having alts is in fact FUN and that keeps players sticked to game.


I dont think things change but at least I have some hope, so thats why im doing this post in forums, instead of being toxic I think it is time to contribute with ideas and feedback so devs can fix the mess they made.

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Currently, the easy mode has the same mech as the hard mode. Previously in normal mode the bosses done only 2 mech phases, now in easy mode we have 3. And the additional mech elements (from hard mode) are added as well (eg. HH 1st boss flying balls). The only difference is the HP and the attack markers. And all this for half of the rewards. Pretty unfriendly for a new player - I also stopped playing for a while and cannot really catch up.


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Still, it's kinda sad that it seems they even tested it...



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