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So I know no one will read this but here's why your game is failing

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First of all yes ofc f2p means p2w thats absolutely normal.
But it's not okay to cut gold income drastically on all dungeons including warped citadel etc which most people can't even run yet because they lack gear
Why would anyone want to run dungeons for 3hours to get 20 gold as reward when upgrades cost thousands of gold. This is not okay
Of course you can put a few thousand euros into trove and hope for luck but that's not how a game is supposed to work.
If you want to make your game more alive then make something like a dungeon that people with aransu gear can clear kinda quickly and give them 2g-3g each time they complete it. 
Evolved stone sources? mainly gone. moonstone sources? pvp for max gear people. Sacred orb? gone
Solo dungeons? mainly for people with GC 9 or thornbreaker which require tens of thousands of gold to get.
Yes of course you can spend 500€ and buy 25,000gold to get that gear but that's just a plain awful concept. 
I know it sounds like I'm just ranting but hear me out
I'm playing since this game came out, back then the dungeons dropped 5 frozen stingers and stuff which was a decent way to farm. Yes of course upgrades were expensive but 
You could farm for 2 weeks or 3 and get your weapon upgraded, then you could do raids and stuff.
Now when even raids don't even give gold anymore and dungeons drop like 1 ss crystal and 1 sacred crystal when you need 2700 of each that's litterally just killing off your game.
If you actually would listen to the players then please stop with the gold nerfs, the material nerfs and so on. Most people can't even run the endgame dungeons and get stuck like
at a kind of gear that won't make them able to progress. 
I know no one will actually read this and the devs and everyone will just ignore this but you drained all the fun out of this game. 
Good luck and best regards
- A former player

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I got passed the bt/aransu softcap back in the beginning of the year. The way I did it was, make a class that everyone needs, and then aggressively farm multiple characters every day for months and months, not missing a single day. 20 moonstone here, 40 there, etc. I started as a gunner and it was absolute hell. People trash talking me every day, raids impossible to find because my gear was low and gunners are supposed to have good gear to keep up with the rest. I re rolled to warden, and things got a lot better. So i finally found raids, and that is a few hundred gold a week starting off. I would literally just buy tradable mats like moonstones and soulstones and just count the gold loss as a good cause. It actually really helped to reroll and get a raid and then use that raid money for mats. It helped me catch up.

If you expect to get GC9 in a month from scratch, I think you are sorely misguided. First you need to make some alts, and that will take 1-2 weeks, and you need to gear up your main to at least a6 or a9, with a true cosmic soul. That's going to take you at least a month or two. Plus you need to learn raid and dungeons mechs, then you can finally get a TT raid or save up for your mat. You need to make friends and be a likable person to get any carry favors and boosting as well. If you're not a likable person, and you play an unwanted class, good luck, because you'll need to make alts and farm your way solo in f8 for months until you get anywhere. The only way to get past this soft cap is to do this stuff. And sad to say, it's only the 1st soft cap. Because once you reach mid tier soul/heart, and GC, you're stuck there most likely, and will never reach max soul/pet and thorn breaker 6 with 330 crit dmg. That tier of players if reserved for the top 5 ladder and gold buyer players. 
Ncsoft is releasing their new patch today and it's going to make things exponentially harder to reach any of this. The game will die. NCsoft will refuse to take the blame, because it's more of a problem they couldn't control at first with the extremely elitist community, gold sellers that destroy equal progression, account buyers and sellers, and other shady and toxic stuff happening. But at this point, ncsoft has a huge part of the reason this game will die. Most of the players quit already, and we're down to half a server. Ncsoft isn't listening to the remaining playerbase that's full of the people who loved this game the most and were willing to stick through this struggle. They keep lowering gold, lowering chances for good rng, making things more expensive, just generally being greedy and making everything harder for the f2p players. It's only my guess that they do this to balance their massive profits loss, by attempting to milk as much money from the trove casino gamblers as they can, before this ship sinks. The end isn't coming, the game isn't failing. The end is here and it has failed. 

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