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marketplace tutorial bug


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It might be wise to delay the "marketplace" tutorial quest until the character reaches level 36. That way, persons like myself (at level 18), need not attempt a quest that cannot be completed unless one is level 36. The quest is easy, it's simply a matter of clicking the marketplace button, unfortunately that button is not available until you reach level 36!


So if the change is made, GM's will also not be bothered with questions from a noob player such as myself concerning a quest that one can't complete until level 36. A win win for both parties.


Blessings in Christ

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29 august 2023 here
Still """bugged""" (= not fixed)

Thanks you so much NCSoft for be the kind of staff us gamer want , you trully understood our expectation and i'm sure it will build loyalty in your community.
Thanks you VERY MUCH ❤️

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