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Unresponsive Soul Fighter skills.

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I've been playing Soul fighter for around two years and have always had an issue with unresponsive skills.When I press the button on the keyboard I can see the skill icon register the button press but the skill doesn't always go off.Happens mainly with Q,E,SS,V and F but happens with other skills sometimes as well,It's very frustrating.to be specific I play ice spec.Ping isn't the issue as I usually have 70-100ms on average.I've heard other Soul Fighters say they have the same issue with the class and was wanting feedback from every one here that plays soul Fighter for input on this issue.I sent in a ticket to support and they said"Please note that we do not have any known issue regarding this matter."After running and sending them many DxDiag,hijackthis,WinMTR and LSP logs as well as a video of it happening that they requested they said they will forward my ticket to the developers.If any one else is having issues please post here so the issue will become known.


My PC Specs are:AMD Threadripper 1950x CPU(Overclocked to 4Ghz all cores),32GB of ram @3200Mhz,Samsung 960 Pro NVME M.2 SSD,GTX 1080 Ti Hybrid GPU(Overclocked to 2000Mhz) and I'm wired to the modem (cause wireless sucks!) :P

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