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Clan Luckyshot

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Lunaheute um 09:23 Uhr
The old sleeping beauty  "Luckyshot" level 15 with Clanoutfit is back and reviving the Clan. 

We are searching for "fresh blood" to be lucky and happy with us. 

We have a free Clanoutfit for all our ladies, shemales and rats ;-D

Also we got few Lyn rats and Lolis to roast, for our midnight barbecues,

 while "The legendary Cannabinator" will sing songs on his guitar in voice.

So we have a bondfire while Playing BNS.

We offer you an active "fun discord community" where the spam messages light you up 

while work and will make you always smile.

We are helping you to gear up , farming together and collecting a lot of points in our CLAN BGs

 for your moonstones and materials.

got a weekly VT Raid and ET Raid and its possible to get integrated in this, when we need replacements

 and usually the replacements can stay as full members after time and knowing we can rely on You.

Maybe your our personal "Luckyshot" to enjoy this game even more and relax after work and reallife to dream away with friends, egirls and cute rats, and also our mechslaves.

For questions contact: Bailuna, CarySe & Katarina Gerbholdt and The Cannabinator

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hi :)

dunno if Fresh, but old player returning here...

havnt played fr almost 2years.

atm planning to main gunner or archer if she takes my interest.

fr the raids, still kinda new to VT, TT qq

oh well if u think i hav a shot at ur clan, pls do let me know thnx :)

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Hi ! :please:
I'm a zen archer 1490 at point :D
I'm searching for a new familliar clan :) 

Are you red or blue faction ? 

Thanks :D

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