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Miggy Miggs

archer patch coming, make sure badge nerf and Normal/PVP/Standardized damage is implemented also!

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please note system this came when archer dropped  as you can see below>


This patch brings the addition of the 12th class, "Archer", the new story quest of "The Iron Barrier Wall", and the new Heroic Dungeon.


the patch aslo added:


Normal/PVP/Standardized damage

As with the new mode added to dungeons, we wanted to try something new for PVP battles as well.

Before, all skills dealt the same amount of damage, whether in dungeons, arena, or battlegrounds.

This made balancing a nightmare as certain dungeon-specific or battleground-specific changes could have unintended consequences on their counterpart.


In order to better address these issues, we will be dividing the damage the skills apply into "Standard", "PvP", and "Standardized" types.

Each situation you are in (dungeons, battlegrounds, arena), will utilize its respective damage type, and we will be working to balance Battlegrounds in particular to fix skills we feel are too effective.


We will be working so that you can have a better combat experience, no matter what situation you may be in.


i saw an archer pvp video and for a brief second i saw the skill separation at 22minutes and 41 seconds link here:


what am saying now is make sure that this skill thing gets implemented ...cause lately am telling the truth, i been playing alot less bns than usual...finding my self not enjoying the battlegrounds as i use to .....i remember when i started doing battleground when beluga just came out and played it night and day for the whole day with true scorpio i think thats the name then i when beluga stopped being popular during the day time i find my self doing pvp arena tag match when it was tag days .....then i find that arena tag was getting dead and started doing pve content as using gunner with average ping..was alot of fun .....then awaken came.... took that away from me back then i was doing like 300k dps and it was a big deal as i was free to play ( i spent some dough back in my early days, for character reasons tho)later on  i scraped up aransu and my soul was decent  yellow at the time. 


after awaken dps got too high, and  felt like a big work and too much to upgrade with all the gold nerfs and generally lack of earnings from event where i could farm alts and make dough if i can remember well prem trans stone from event boxes were more common with previous management than this team. so my pve drive fell flat ... as farming alts on wed. was more rewarding then and easy to get party compared to now where people doing updated raids  with old raids...and i am not yet far along in story on alts etc.back then i could scrape over 1k gold on slowly my pve drive went flat to not even doing a weekly now .


consider i have 400k hp with 10k def 3.5k crit def .


a hand full of classes are doing a ton load of damage even with pleb gear.


warden - 3 def piercing swing value at over 300k ...i took one swing but received 2 damages from it....may be i didnt see right but thats what i saw in combat info..

divine stirke and start spamming  sword salvo ...100k to 200k hits i remember taking 1 sword salvo and died instantly .



soul fight glacial blast is so broken just spam it at someone and they dead.



as much as wl weak in arena..... the pve damage coming from them in battleground is so high ... if u not blocking could be dead in 2 seconds  just from them holding simple mode .


fm asteroid slamps half hp and puts your whole teasm at disadvantage ...even worse if u on your alt rip all your hp.



frost tornado from fm is a guard break skill yet its doing big damage as if it was a main damage skill.



after all this i still with a blind eye ignored this .... my best friend quit bns not even 2 weeks in to awaken.


he was a pvper and did pve on the side .


so i watch alot pvper friends left the game and am here slightly alone with may be a hand full of friends that dont even pvp but we just talk about regular things etc.


when they announce br  i was so exicted may be this will lure in some people but after getting cat paw and sappered without a chance to react or actually do some pvp i said yea not doing this again .


so i left with my battlground hopes then came bm third spec ...... everday someone complains about bm third spec in region chat ..i can tell how frustrated people are and sick of this game balancing 1 step forward 2 step back mentally ...... korea said that wl aerial in the past force an interfere and holds you too long airborne thatsn why they made it one before waken came .... and am not a wl main ...just referencing here..... so they came with bm 10 second aerial time .... not even counting the damage its the fact that the amount of def peircing stun that bm has  any body can send you airborne and you get spam at in bg ..... if the bm second aerial doesnt kill you the range class on ground will finish you off .


and this aerial is on a 10 second cd i think.



i mean i was pretty use to the idea of new class being op and broken for a couple months but its just too much at this point ... why is the game like this , who is this pleasing because am sure not every one is pleased and it shows on how much people playing this game now compared to 2017 .

yes game will lose people but its evident no one digs the new 1 shot idea this game is issuing ....everything gets 1 shot .. weekly, arena bg, shackled isle dungeon mobs.


dps has no meaning now , back then gear and ping  had alot to do with dps but now ..its mainly about class.


its l;iterally impossible to enjoy playing what you love as it spec wise as a 3rd spec user considering 3rd spec makes everything else look so weak ...yet they said  at the end of the 3rd spec video patch stream that just becuase 3rd spec is out doesnt make all the other builds weak ....  that went out the window the day  korea released it .


so i say to you at nc ... make sure that this damage system makes it way into archer patch cause i doubt this game needs another op class ..altho archer isnt a class i would use for numerous reasons .... and looks weak defense wise. but i dont trust a sheep in wolf clothing till i see it in bg ...


also am not looking for this damage sytem to make every class good and not broken and i know its not gonna be much of a difference really considering korea track record ... but at least allow some room for improvements .... in the future .


but if new  pve bracelet gonna come in with big modifer rip battelground for all those classes abusing it.









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I also hoped that we would get the adjusted damage for each game mode. The japanese twitch stream that is currently running makes me sure we will get it. It's shown at their stream and they get archer at the same date. It's not a perfect fix for balance issues but it is a step in the right direction I think. Though I don't expect any real balance fixes before world tournament is over.

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