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Out of nowhere, BNS is running at 30fps, previously 90fps

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This happened out of the blue. The system was running great before. The game would get 80-90fps and then out of the blue, one morning logged in and it was running 20-30 fps. After that I did a clean install update for nvidia drivers and still nothing. I have changed priority of the game, set affinity to two, four, and six cores in phases, uninstalled bluetooth, reinstalled the game, reinstalled drivers again, and run it on 32 bit. None of this seems to help. CPU and GPU usage is bottlenecked somewhere. GPU is sitting between 30-40% and CPU on the major core is sitting at 30-50% while the others seemed to be parked or doing little. The game just isn't utilizing the hardware for somewhere and I'm stuck trying to figure out what I can do. Like I said, two days ago the game was running smooth as ever. This issue started yesterday. Specs following:


GTX 980


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