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Looking for a balanced PvE-PVP class.

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I am looking to come back after a huge hiatus and I am not really sure about the class balance at this momment, so I would like to know your thoughts about it.  I´ll playing with some friends, so I am not really worried about getting a party, but I would like a class who does ok in pve and pvp (not looking to be pro, just for fun). I checked and the Soul Fighter looks pretty cool, but I doubt about his pvp potencial. Thanks in advance.   

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If you talk about 6v6 then then what you need there ia not class but gear. Which one has better gear and 1 shots other first wins. As for arena cant say much as i am not doing any pvp but i heard after recent patches bms with 3rd spec are op right now.

As for pve every class is viable it just depends on what you want from class and what kind of other classes your friends will play.

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