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[RP/roleplay only!] TBL seeking members~

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The dust settles, the battlefield is left deserted... the remaining warriors of Earthrealm, few they are, have ventured on long before already.

Beaten, battered, bitter to the bone and exhausted beyond relief from an ever-recurring grind against evil, they yet could not stop pushing towards their next crusade.
Once they were proud and elegant heroes but now, after a thousand battles, the struggle itself is slowly consuming their last faint glimpse of humanity.


Such is the nature of Dark Chi, the corruptive power they once strived to vanquish it forever - so it would appear. To them, it seems like a lifetime ago that they joined this fiendish quest. Now they all are deep in the grasp of an evil destined to consume their very soul.
Is there no hope left for the survivors of this realm, no hope for redemption?


As the eye wanders the corpses, deserted postures, forsaken cities, a tiny group is distinguished which has split, venturing opposing directions, directions afar where it all began.
Who are these people? What are their goals? What challenges will they face? Will they be able to survive the desolate landscape? And, above all: Will they face and overthrow their own inner demons?
This is a tale that yet remains to be told...








Yes, oh yes we are so recruiting RP-hungry citizens from around the Earth Realm! Interested in growing our experiment into something bigger? Then please do apply today, here or at: http://www.theblacklotus.de !

Alternatively, contact "Larranthia" or "Owytial" online! :HajoonCheer:


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Magnificent! Oh... most magnificent....


May this most noble of quests reach a status of glory unheard of in this world!


May your path be clear of any dirty humans and full of light and clarity.


In case anyone is wondering yes it is my hands up to be joining this quest for glory.

Ill be controlling nice and pure Yun girl Larantina, and I'm looking forward to this... hopeful... *swallows hard* friendship.

Some may call us mad for attempting this, but let the madness spread, we cannot fail as long as our quest is righteous one!


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Gather up, heroic ambassadors of the Earthen Realm!




Wondering about your loved ones? Fret not, for TBL, official inventors of the Fashion Police title (click here to learn more - no, we don´t demand free outfits in return @NCSOFT), are on the verge of returning to these shores! Fortunately, this time it will not be the usual AP-hampsterwheel grindfest for us...

Instead, TBL will return as a strictly roleplay (RP) clan with no particular goals whatsoever despite the one of, well, doing lots of RP in Blade and Soul!



We are more or less experienced in online and real life RP, but this is our very first take on running a roleplay-centric clan in an MMORPG. We are thrilled to see how it works out and no matter the path ahead and the outcome we intend to have lots of fun. We hope for nice and somewhat mature fellow players with similar interest to join and provide their immersive input to grow this into a success. 

Supposedly we will be going life one day after the archer class launch. This topic will be updated with more information in time prior to that. 


The clan will have a preference for Yun and Lyn, other races will be accepted as well, however they may need to work towards earning their trust.

All that a character will need to join is the ability to access the Moonwater Plains. We also shall ask for a small backstory/character sheet to maintain a bit of a quality standard -examples will follow in time- and save us from a possible invasion of Mary Sues.


Decent English skills paired with the will to talk in character are needed as well.


We have determined a lovely location for housing and general areas around for possible plots. Everything else will be announced within the upcoming weeks, given that NC does not fail us in supplying the archer class update. If you are already interested then leave us a message here or over on our clan forums at http://www.theblacklotus.de/.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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Oh wait wait wait, mushin bless me, what is this?


Are you guys... now? Originally we did not get that far, as there was a lack of interested towards full RP clan, and we ended up being just 3. But if you guys are really serious and we know Nup is still interested, well perhaps the fire can be rekindled.

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Im sorry Natsy, it seems like this whole thing has just kinda died. Gold / Owy just told me his IRL condition does not allow him to do it ATM, and without him its kinda dead, I cant carry it on my own shoulders alone. ATM none in the pub so it appears the only serious interested one was you.

Im sorry for creating false hope and wasting your time yesterday, it seem like this thing is not going to happen now. :/

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