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Leviathen The DemonKing

lets draw a line in the sand betwing pvp and pve

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okay  to begin with  this is just a sujestion for dev team   from a player that  has strugeled to the top  from the bottome  from yr 1   I have  shairs good times and bad times     with frinds   guild members and family here so  I will start with  the   presntation for the line drawn in the sand

I think pvp and pve  upgradeing shoud be 100% diffirent

as  for what I mean

equlises the amount of mats   a pve player gets for     there hard earned time vr. a pvp player that can go in to 1 guild battle and   losses and come out with 300 moonstones

im sorry to say  the game promotes pvp way to much

im 33 im a big guy in rl and I have high blood presher the pvp in this game is too damn broken and  my blood presher spikes to the point that I will never play pvp again

so here are some ideas

 option A: is  make the   boxes that the pvpers can get    make a simaler vertion  of the  in cb and moonrefuge   and I don't  mean that rng     $*!t treasher pouch and poculer promis  chest that $*!t is just a f***ing    insult

option B: is this  for ppl that do pve  only  make so  that raid gear lvls off the raid mats and raid mats only for brake throws like you  guys did  for raven 1 2 and 3 

too easy  you say   have you guys tried playing this game without spending a cent on the game or  doing pvp or using your gm   bs   powers called consel commaneds

or doing profetions couse  to make mad money on profetions  you need traidabul mats and a lot of them I might add and with the  tax reduction you guys only fuled the econeme to inflate the prices to get more out of   a singel item  I have watched the market since matinice    prime example   a  pts aka premium trans stone  has   increase in prices  by 200%  they went from 210 gold to 410 in a  F***ING Week  trans stones  keep climbing   raid mats too  so with that said  I think a line in the sand needs to be drawn any other game I have played   that has a market playce that  has been ran by the community  has this issiou but at lest other games  have  figure d out that they shoud make it so that  inorder to use your profetions your  profetions provide you all the mats you will need to make them by them selfs  without any other guilds help or farming but bns is still  a child conpaired to other games and is still  evolving  I just hope that you understand where im comeing from I think pvp gear shoud lvl from pvp mats and pve gear shoud lvl with pve mats  and make it fair   for ppl  like me and countless others that  hate pvp and only want to pve

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I have to say i am against this suggestion. simply because PVP is much much more limited than PVE, and requires a seperate set of gear compared to PVE which can be easily cheesed through.

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Tsssss, not again . . . .


Yes it is correct that PvP needs to be revised.

And, yes PvP will be pretty bad supportet compared to PvE

And, yes some "longtime" PvP players do not make it easy for the new or snuffle PvE players. On the other hand, you would not learn anything else if it were too easy.

And, yes the last PvP Event whas a flop and too long ago.

And, no i am not a PvP player. It is only sad if a non PvP player already noticed this.

And, there was a time when I found the B & S PvE-PvP mix very interesting.

That was what B & S had made out, as a PvE player you could play one or the other PvP, if you wanted.
But right now . . . .



And, sorry for my bad englich. It's not my mother language

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