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The most p2w patch i’ve ever seen in this game LOL

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Soul/etc you can farm beforehand since it use existing material, or bought in f5 and every veteran have enough to max day 1  ...
Premium bonus effect like russia is out because deemed p2w.
Raid Weapon material are never on release but like 2 month after because its considered p2w to offer max weapon on day1.

We don't have psyche (yet?) in trove/box because it is considered p2w.
We don't have new released accessories in trove because its p2w (well, we get a few orbs but still need to do 100 runz...).
We don't have new badges in trove because its p2w ... 


They removed unlimited experience from F10 (except from trove) because there have been a huge riot about it and its pay2win.

Tbh i don't even complain about trove or boxes because we can buy 20 per days with hmcoin and it available to everyone.


But this thing we can not even buy with Hmcoin... wtf!? i would gladly spend some of my 200K gold for it... kek...


Unity stone bonus take 1 YEAR at the very least and if lucky and require NEW material that can not be purchased in F5 and is time gated and is RNG upgrade. 
Why on hell is that thing purchasable in F10 with ncoin !? something wrong here and whiteknight make zero sense. 

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Maybe they want to shut down the servers and announce "bns 2.0" with UE4 a few months later. Rolling out fresh servers from the beginning with a content everyone knows and a charming "shopping experience". :giggle:

Sadly we're heading to a point, where former satire is getting real and I trust them doing everything - even unexpected and long term, economically wise, unlogical decisions that will just lead to a point, that already has been mentioned by other players in this topic. It is a shame seeing such a game with hugh potential going down because of misdevelopment. NC is showing again, like on many other games, that they're unable to maintain a proper amount of players in the west by doing the same mistakes (from my point of view) over and over again. I don't know why they can't see the damage to their reputation by the whole handleing of the situation. The fact that the game is an inhouse production makes it quiet more explosive.


/you may decide on your own if the written above is sarcasm or not.


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They should understand that all of us that support the game already putting as much as we can afford :


If we have 100€ to put in the game we put it, no more no less... no amount of frustration will work on most of us...


Actually the only reason i am no longer putting money into the game is that i'm not garanteed to evolved my gear.

For example, last trove and boxes i did put some money on each and i got ZERO progress on my unity stones !!!!

Well this reasoning only work if they still have enough players, otherwise all they have left to do is squeeze as much they can for some arabians princes and millionaires sons and then close the game.

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