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Mao Gloves drop rate?

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Mao Gloves drop rate?

Close to not existant.

Somewhere here in the forum someone had 150 Mao kills and didnt get a single glove.
The glove is a freaking Breakthrough assessouir and you need 2 of them, but instead of giving the bosses a chance to drop a Alpha coin NC-Soft decided to make the glove salvageabel for a coin and set the droprate to extremly low, what is beyond stuipid.

Even breakthrough assessoirs for TT ring and Earring is dropping in nearly every run while people struggle to get the freaking gloves.

They should at least add them to the merchant making them buyable and since it worth 1 alpha coin you should be able to buy it for 1 alpha coin
Anyway, i got 3 from boss 1 and 1 from boss 2 but none from Mao so far, but dont ask me how many runs it took


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I got 3 gloves by just killing Hachi, wich takes me around 30 seconds, so for me is faster than clearing the whole dungeon. I think I've killed Hachi around 80-100 times, but got the 3 gloves on the first 40-50.

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The droprate is really annoying for me.

I have 2 characters I can actively run Mao with, while on one I already have 100 Brood Chamber runs for the gloves and the character is now hard stuck on the second Mao gloves that didnt drop in the last 80 runs.


Meanwhile my new character that doesnt need it drops too many of them.



At this point it feels more worth running BC 100 times again on the new character just to be done.



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Since you can buy Brood chamber gloves with RnG box currency, i've been doing that for all my alts.


On my BM it took me 3 Hachi kills and 1 machi kills to get gloves (got them on the 3rd hachi kill)


So yeah. the gloves have pretty decent drop rate as long as you're lucky ofc, it's all RnG in the end. can drop in 1 run or 1000 runs

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