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New TT learning Group - EU

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Im Solar and with my wife Im looking to create whole new tt raid group - within EU server.

Im kinda sick of raid sellers - (I refuse to pay for raids in every game Ive played past 12 years of MMORPG gaming.), therefore I want my own raid, which will learn tt 1-4 - slowly but surely.


What kind of ppl Im looking?



-Willing to learn/commit/spend 2-3h possibly twice a week to manage mechanics

-calm, chill and friedly who think same way I do

- 1.5k ap sine its not carry raid. I want every one to be equal


What classes?


Im WL - https://bnstree.com/character/eu/solar bloom

My Wife - https://bnstree.com/character/eu/Lenetea


Looking for:


1x Wannabe tank

2x Wanna party Iframe - Summoner/FM/Destr

2x Wanna buff you all - Blue buff

1x Wanna SB you - WL/Warden -

1x Wanna Reset  - Gunner

3x Wanna DPS hard to get my Accs




I will slowly move through mechs and will distribute the roles according to what ppl want.

We will need 3 sunburst holders/ rescuers/Cube carriers for boss 1 - but that will come way after.




We will dispute - since I know everyone is busy - but would be nice in weekends - 2-3 hours of chill practicing.

I Do not have discord - since it is crashing my BNS so hard, so I will use text communication - the old way - if someone is not into it - don't join.


If we will feel , that the raid is capable to take bosses, loot distribution goes As I say - I will gear you all with Accs before myself - do not worry.


Fell free to contact me in game - Since Im not here very often - and in game you will find me almost every day after 6pm CEST.


In case of any questions - pm me.



Solar Bloom




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