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Nothing good last long here (Sacred Longgui key)

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23 hours ago, Astarae said:

  So please stop making things up just to support your secret employer.

The secret employer got me so good I had to login to upvote.
With 4,462 posts he lives here and no one wants to live between salt mines and bugs for free.

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On 25/07/2019 at 8:31 PM, Astarae said:


Actually, I thought they had subbed in orb-of-ascensions...sacred orbs, don't really care.


But they should give more keys and more green gems so I can at least open

the 4-6's on a 1-6.  That's sorta lame.


Maybe cut the green-orb cost to 5, or take 1 yellow as a substitute.



I don't complain about green shards since we can farm it during the week to spent it over the weekend, but I see your point.


About keys, they cut by half the daily msp 1-3 that gives 4keys before patch. ¬¬


Last weekend i got 0 ZERO evolveds stone from chest 4 and 5, probly bad realy bad rng.


Usualy i get from 100 chest 4-5-6 (300 in total) at least 100 evolved, last weeend was like 80, same rate for my friend who got stones from every chest.


I see a ninja nerf in there but can be paranoia because ncsoft done this things in the past in several occasions.

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