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Miggy Miggs

Option to remove boss attack effects

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Posted (edited)

Main culprit for my fps drops  in raids is  those big red aoe markings that still pops up even when I disable them ..I prefer the boss instant kill me than fps kills me ....and all those boss effects can we get option to reduce those further .


And please let ppl spawn alive on relog,we been asking for so long...

Account already logged in .. ... re logs again rip bg ...queues again slaps with waiting time 



Option to ignore the dungeon gateway and go to dungeon  ppl with slow load will praise for this. loading was fast now idk it just gotten slow idk if space or what not ...

Also it  makes it faster farming 100 runs of what we need .

People also afk in gateway and makes it harder to kick








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Posted (edited)

The only thing i can suggest is that you turn off the boss attack reflex bar (a bar that shows you when to iframe on a red boss attack)

and also the Group CC Bar (the pop up when someone in your group uses a Stun or CC)


first one eats up a lot of FPS, especially in MSP Longui Bossfight. 


I agree on the second part, i really don't play PvP anymore because the game crashes so often when i die and push 4, and then i can't rejoin because i am dead outside after relogg...


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