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[Petition for Devs] Please remove spec specific items

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Example: Soulshields.
Their status change depending on the spec you are playing.

Why can't this be applied to all items?... Raid Jewerly, Mystic Badge

Right now is easier than ever to change specs yes, but it should be even easier, how about this:  press K, choose the spec, done.
The only exception is soul badges, probably.

The problem right now is we are starting to get new items, and we will get new items that wont be able to change, example ET Badge I think.

I believe the game should just let you play whatever spec you want at the moment, opening more options for player to enjoy the game is always good.

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yeah it would be nice , but i can see a number of reasons why they  wouldnt do that

still, i d definitely enjoy the game more if i could play whatever i want without worrying about the items again

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