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WHY is the character's CROTCH HIGHLIGHTED during wind strides and wind walking?! THIS IS PERVERSE!! I do NOT want my attention drawn to the bright dancing light on the screen which happens to be ON THE CHARACTERS CROTCH!

WHY are we being FORCED to STARE at the CHARACTERS CROTCH??????





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okay so you over-stated it!

What you seem to be saying is (Apart from not driving with eyes closed or comparing it to updates and existing bugs or delayed improvements), is that this is a doubtful practise and begs the question:

Why are we having our eyes directed to the crotch of our character during wind strides and wind walking by a pretty little light beacon? This can not be censorship or our attention would be taken away by another pretty little light beacon that is NOT on the characters crotch!

I would like to know why this is also as is very annoying!



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I get your point, but I definitely don't agree with it. This game is at its core fairly sexually suggestive, containing cosmetic items like swimming suits and skimpy school uniforms, with NPCs having some rather unproportional features (Soha, Juwol, Zulia, ...), and a character creator capable of pretty much anything. This sort of distinct visual style is one of Blade & Soul's selling points, so I doubt they'd change it because someone finds it a bit distasteful.


As for the highlight of the crotch during the Windstride animation, considering the visual effect is a bright green emanating from the character's feet where you're standing, it does make sense to me that it's reflected on your character. The green marks created around you as your character is preparing to Windstride even have a light emanating from them, so why wouldn't the character be highlighted?

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