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Returning Player looking for a Beginner's Guide

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Hello all, I have not played in some time, (Over a year.), and would like to play again. 


However, It has been so long-and I have played another game, with completely different systems, in the interim-to the point that I do not remember even some of the basics. I have a Level 50, HM 9 ForceMaster (Gon) and  a Level 46 ForceMaster (Gon) and would like to pick up where I left off with them and not have to start all over. If there is an ingame guide that explains the basics, that might do or a step-by-step guide in forums. I did look here in forums using various search terms, such as "guide" and found nothing, aside from a few dead-end links and seemingly outdated material. 


Examples of the BASIC knowledge that I do not remember include panning the camera view quickly which obviously is important in any combat, PvP or PvE. My first time back the other day, I saw that the mouse keys were tied to simple attack skills so the mouse keys don't control turning the camera unless I press the 'alt' key while simultaneously pressing the mouse key and manipulating the mouse. This seems unnecessarily involved, using both hands, not even able to use a skill, so there must be a better way. How does one make the character walk, not jog? That is trivial, granted but an example of the baby steps I may need to take and my guild is dead and I really don't feel like asking  such silly questions in chat. 


A guide with any updated material from the past year or so might also be helpful as I see that my weapon is not only outdated but unusable and my skills have mostly been removed and the system to add skills looks quite different. (Bearing in mind, my last time actually changing skills might have been as far back as late 2017.) So, again, a primer that explains basic stuff and the newer content would be appreciated. Worst case scenario, I suppose I could start a third character and relearn the basics with the tutorials given to newer players when they create their first character. That won't teach me anything about endgame content but would at least remind me of how to do simple things such as panning the camera, movement, and likely how to add skills, though perhaps not what Bangle I should be using now for my two current characters.


Thank you in advance for any help that you may be able to give.

à la prochaine, Michelle<3 

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I can only give beginner tips as a solo player returning from 2016. I am assuming all your gear is obsolete.


Controls; You can try to use a controller. I had to remap RB+RT to (X). It was difficult to hit RB+RT constantly.


Things that helped me:
1) The Equipment Upgrade Path shows all the standard gear in the game so this can help with planning.
2) Once you finish a certain point in the story, buy the Dawnrift weapon selection chest from Junsorei. Keep buying until you get 7-8 slots.
3) I solo ran the old Blackram East Fleet area to get used to my controls and skills. I also tested myself against Winter Mane alone.
4) I upgraded items that were part of the current event. It’s usually cheaper this way. Current one is weapons so that should be your priority.


First priority:
1) Finish the story as soon as possible. You get some gear, materials and gold. Your weapon may allow you to salvage it for a current weapon. My Siren had this.
2) Finish the setup story for each Side Stories quest for the raids. I think Temple of Succession is the one that gives the basic legendary accessories (Oath/Destiny/Immortality/Eternity).
3) If you’re willing to spend money, premium is good. The mastery bundle is also good if you have empty slots for soul and pet. Just check the store to see what the current items are since it changes.
Things to do:
1) Get your two free Tower of Infinity (ToI) tickets each day at Mushin’s hall. You might have to do the ToI to get your best Soul Badge. You can try to do the Trials arena to practice against bots. It’s across from the ToI door.
2) Do the different floor sections. It’s 1-20 now. Go as high as you can and decide if the rewards are worth it.
3) Outlaw Island is a solo arena. It’s worth doing once you can do 150k+ dps. There are good videos explaining mechanics for it.
4) Moon Refuge has all the basic starter legendary accessories that’s one tier above the ones I mention. The daily there is worth doing for ~40x Moonlight buds and a chance for 5g tokens. You can always pick up the two quests under “Quest Letters” tab. Aim for the Tiger/Divine bracelet and Skybreak earring/ring. You can also buy VT soulshield here (It’s better than the Raven/MSP ones. Premium can buy it for slightly less at Dragon Express.)
5) Celestial basin has some Soul Badges and Mystic badges you can buy for peaches. This can fill the gap until you can buy from ToI (using specific tokens) or Dragon Express (exchange Solar Energy).
6) If you are able to do these quests, “The Dead Refuse to Die” and “Know Thine Enemy”, it will speed up your progress a lot.
7) As far as F8 dungeons go, I started with Cold Storage since it was harder to screw up and you can practice alone.


I can’t help with class specifics. I do know stacking bonuses for skills is how people do so much damage. All legendary items gives some bonus for a very specific set of skills/attributes.

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Thank you for the reply, especially as it was your first one here on forums. 


"Controls; You can try to use a controller. I had to remap RB+RT to (X). It was difficult to hit RB+RT constantly." Are you talking about some after-market gadget I would need to buy? I am using a computer with a mouse and keyboard.


"Things that helped me:"

1, I can probably use that first suggestion at some point, 2, I don't really understand. 3, Yes, once i know how to move and get a functioning weapon and skills I can do that or similar. I don't have a weapon, though as it was made obsolete while I was away. 4, No idea about any event giving away weapons. If it's a P2W event, I'll pass.


"First priority:"

1 & 2, I can't finish the story, I can barely move as I do not understand the controls, have no skills, and no weapon. I think I have to salvage the weapon but every game I ever played, salvaging a weapon, NEVER gave you back a better weapon, just "useful" junk. I need to see a guide that says that YES I must salvage the old weapon for a new one. I don't want to salvage THEN find out that that was not the way to get the new weapon. Also FPS is awful. I'm just standing around in areas that have few players and getting 6-10 FPS. 3, until I get some comfort level with controls, a new weapon and get reskilled, I'm not paying for a game that I can't play. Aside from the ongoing FPS Issue.


"Things to do:"

1, It might be too late. although you say you haven't played since 2016, so maybe not. But I don't really know what a Soul Badge is. I vaguely recall Souls being an added unnecessary complication about the time I quit the first time. WHY do they feel the need to keep adding new crap? I mean the basic story is I'm the Chosen One. Why does she constantly need cheats to access the magic inherent in her chosen status? :D

2-4, sound like things I need to try, although 150K+ DPS sounds like crazy talk. What is your basic attack power? That number on your weapon? 5, Now Mystical Badges in addition to the aforementioned Soul Badges. Peaches?  

6, What level are those quests?


7, Now THAT sounds useful. There seemed to be no solo dungeons at all when I played which was a HUGE problem as toxic players wouldn't help at all and wouldn't let you join a team. I'd rather do a dungeon by myself than drag others down or listen to them ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and then kick me anyway. Are there other solo dungeons or has NCSoft added that option to solo any dungeon?


My apologies if this sounds ungrateful. I appreciate your reply but I am lost and this game seems to just progressively get more and more involved and complicated. (Please don't regale me with your experiences playing much tougher games, I am a beginning teacher just out of school and really don't have time to make BnS a second job.) I need a guide I can reference for not just the latest and greatest, (I'm now seeing something about fishing. Really? They added the dullest activity known to man aside from sitting and doing nothing to the game?! The Magic, Secret Power of angling is an Asian Mystic Art? Who knew.), but also the absolute basics of why I can't even turn the camera in an efficient manner or walk.


Again, thank you for at least trying, no one else did. I'm going to repost this topic to General and see if any players-who've been more active recently than we have-have notions about basic guides and current updates. Player to Player Support seems kind of quiet.

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