Returning True Ascending Soul not upgradable?

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So, I've been completing the "Master Hong's Lessons" questline for returning players, and I think I have 2 quests left (curse you shackled isles). One of the features of this is that you get 4 legendary pieces of gear at the start of the quest - gloves, earring, ring, and soul, and while completing the quest, you get charms to make them permanent variants of the items. I noticed that while my gloves and earring are upgradable when I made them permanent, my soul - "True Ascending" instead of "True Ascending Soul" - isn't upgradable, and "True Ascending" has 5000 more HP compared to the soul. Is this a bug, where the items were mixed up or something, or an unfortunate feature? What makes me think this is a bug is that the soul takes 6 of the charms and 50 gold to upgrade into the permanent version, while everything else takes 1 charm and 30 gold.




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I dont think its a bug., its similar to the sou lthat was in the mastery bundles that was not upgradable. and logically speaking getting such a high end soul and it being upgradable would be a bit over the top.

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