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Since i always get told to come here from support but i dont see a real good spot to post this ill just do it here.
1) its 2k19, why do we not have a color wheel to support Hair and outfit colors? we have preset colors.
2) drop rates of break through items shouldnt be 2% or less. I farmed DD normal mode for the bracelet and did 37 runs to NOT see it. but i seen belts, earrings, merchants with in these 37 runs, why are major breakthroughs gated so hard by poop drop rates?
3) why do we not have an account bank yet? so we can stop mailing items such as gems,mats and other stuff to alts. they are account bound, so give us an account bank. so we can just store or pull from its according.
4) why can you not have min gear to get in to 6v6? all i see is people fresh out of story or not even through story getting in to games and just making it an un-fun place to be. this applies to all elos.

anyways number 1-3 should be brought up to the dev team. and the 4th one prob cant get helped because of how old the game is. but anyways there is my 2 cents, take it. its free

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  • Loading in dead.  Stops you from reconnecting to 6's, forces multiple loading screens to get back to your raid party, increases the loading screens on a poorly timed "escape" option.
  • Weapon Skins account bound. With the brilliant sealing charm fragments for adventure equipment, adapted with weapon skins(maybe with outfit stamps instead of the charm fragments?)
  • Selection boxes/nested boxes.  Too many prompts/clicks.  Getting a 5 Daily challenge Unity stone box open is an epic amount of clicks. 
  • Y/N prompt at of the bottom of windows. Opening loot windows, the prompt does not work on multiple items (highlights the # of items, instead of the y/n buttons) but the item #'s to open still doesn't take the input, forcing you to mouse click.
  • Y/N prompt button to the overflow inventory.  With how the inventory overflow logic works, many, many, many times when you have plenty of open slots, stuff still goes into overflow.  Being able to hit Y to take all would be stellar.

2) Breakthrough items- Lock behind an achievement # for that instance, and put on a merchant for (draken/hellion/imperio cores, naryu silver, material crystals, or solo instance dungeon currencies, as appropriate)


3) Account Bound storage would be AMAZING.  At least 8 slots for a set of gems please.  If this isn't feasible, how about making the gem slots account bound, and the weapon only takes advantage of a gem in the order the slots are unlocked. Example:  I have 8 gems equipped on my account, by my new "hunter" class character only has a story weapon with 2 slots.  Only the stats/effects of the first two gems on the account activate.


4) It might be fun to have an limitedevent Gear equalized 6's. Set some equalized stats, and a season of "Ultimate WWV".  Maybe use the time slot of 3's on days 3's aren't up.

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I agree with the Account Bank to eliminate the cost and time taken to send items to alts on our accounts. Low on gold and got 45 elements to transfer to another alt that needs them and it becomes expensive!


Adding another grumble - The Visual Skill Effects - Please can we have the option to turn them OFF! drives me nuts when I am busy in one area or during reading quest literature/ talking to NPC's other players and then randomly swinging a blade!


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